Spica Talisman

Spica Talisman

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Spica Main Employment:

  • Wealth Building
  • Accumulate riches
  • Propserity (Let us remember that prosperity isn't always about money - you can be prosperous in friends, joy, health, peace, and love)
  • Bring an end to arguments and disputes
  • Removal of Scarcity

* These are but a few of the matters in which Spica can lend its virtues, the possibilities are endless.

The Spica Talismans were created in collaboration with the ever talented Shandi Bouscatier. Only 3 of these talismans are being offered and once sold out they will never be restocked. Fine Silver cast into the shape of a bird with a stunningly clear 4mm Emerald set into the birds chest following the talismanic description provided by Agrippa with the seal of Spica engraved at the top.

“Under the Spike (Spica) they made the image of a bird, or of a man laden with merchandise; it confers riches, and makes one overcome contentions, it takes away scarcity and mischief.” - Agrippa 

These talismans act as a direct and potent link to Spica and are unmatched when lending their aid in attracting money, accumulating wealth, fortune, building prosperity, and ending arguments and disagreements. 

These talismans are absolutely remarkable to possess and work with. They are potent powerhouses of the most benefic Spica.

Only 3 of these are being offered publicly and will never be created again. 

Each talisman arrives with a 20 inch sterling silver chain and is housed within a large black leather pendant case which has been embossed with gold edge detail.

Each talisman comes with a bottle of Spica Oil.

Detailed instructions are provided with every order.



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