Spica Candles

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100% Virgin beeswax dyed Emerald Green using 100% Eco-friendly dye poured over Spica materia, topped with emerald and genuine gold leaf. 

Spica candles can be burned to attract the virtues of the star, to petition the star, burned as an ambient influence to attract wealth, riches, and prosperity, to remove scarcity, to calm down a space where tensions are high, and when conversations are happening over the settling of disputes. You will find this method particularly effective when burnt in a home where arguments and tensions are afoot. They are a potent attractors of money and prosperity.


Offered in 2oz, 8oz, and 22oz glass jars.

The Wealth of Spica candles are offered in a 12oz green glass jar with a crackling wooden wick and a luxurious fig and galbanum scent. These are great for ambient generation of financial gain and growth. 


All items come with detailed instructions. 

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