Sol In Leo Candles
Sol In Leo Candles

Sol In Leo Candles

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All candles were hand poured during the election. Virgin Beeswax was poured over an empowered blend of herbs and other materia such as 24 karat gold and bloodstone in each candle consecrated at the height of the election. 

The Sun is conjunct Mercury, which would normally afflict via combustion. Yet Mercury who is in his rulership, is therefore considered to be in his chariot. IE: Mercury is immune to combustion in this chart. Therefore in this consideration, his presence besides the Sun helps immensely rather than hindering. The Moon is also in the 2nd succeedent House, and fast moving. The lord of Ascendant is the Sun, who is the elected planet. He is in his sign of rulership, Leo in the last 2 degrees of the sign. Thus he also partakes in mercury’s significations somewhat, being attached to Virgo.

Sol in Leo is a pure solar force of power that illuminates and dispels all darkness and low vibrational energy both around you and inside of you. It is a force of purification to cleanse both home and space as well as the self and spirit. Sol in Leo is also a healer of both mind and body. It can be used in healing emotional blockages and traumas as well as dispelling darkness of the mind ( Depression). On another side, Sol In Leo is a leader who is sovereign and promotes self sovereignty, Success and Victory, Fame, and recognition for ones work and efforts. As a leader, this materia is also perfect for building ones confidence. In this sense, Sol In Leo is the embodiment of “Look at Me”. The Sol in Leo collection is also an extreme generator of wealth and can be worked with to attract money, wealth, and abundance.

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