Road Opener Charm Bundle
Road Opener Charm Bundle
Road Opener Charm Bundle

Road Opener Charm Bundle

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Abre Camino sticks from my garden form the physical body of this charm, being an equal armed cross - each arm containing four sticks - to be mounted in ones place of work, office, or car to act as a powerful force of road opening, removing blockages that stand in the way of getting all of the sweet things in life - and anything that stands in the way of getting what we want in general - while also acting as a powerful magnet drawing in financial gain and growth, good health, love, joy, and all things to be desired, if only it is instructed to do so.

At the center of the charm sits Road Opener Powder, Dirt from a Crossroads,Dirt from 7 Banks, Dirt from various main highways that span across the US, Dirt from 3 places where lovers meet, Dirts from 8 celebrations and banquets, Powdered bone of various animals, and much else all cased within beeswax that was dripped and dried in ritual, with a quartz point mounted at its center in red thread and beeswax. The quartz point was bathed in a private stock oil, a bloody milk of the Witch Mothers, during an offering ritual to spirits of the crossroads.  

These charms also act as potent charge and battery to all Road Opening works and can be kept near candles, lamps, or general workings to give a large and noticeable boost in efficacy to any Road Opening works done in their presence. 

Only two of these charms are being offered, and each is accompanied with a bottle of each of our Road Opener Oil and Powder to feed and work the charm along with a large instructional printout on a cloth scroll. Listing is for one charm and accompanying accoutrements. 

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