Mandragora Alraun

Mandragora Alraun

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- Mandragora - Devil's Lamp - Witches Confidant - 

There is no plant in history that holds more folklore and superstition, especially among witches, than mandrake. Many tales of its origins are told throughout the world. Some believe it to be a gift from the Devil to his witches, in Greece it is said to grow from the ichor of prometheus that fell unto the earth, and in Europe it is said to grow from the blood and semen of a hanged man beneath the gallows. 

This Mandragora fetiche has been crafted from a Mandragora Officinarum root from Crete. It has been given regular offerings and direction over the period of 13 days so that this serpent in root form acts as guide and familiar to the witch upon a built relationship and bond. The spirit of this root is a potent and invaluable aid in the works of healing, protection, fertility, lust, love, money and wealth, and in calling to the spirits of the dead. As potent aids to witches, mandragora also provides to ability to command and call spirits of the dead for both benefic and baneful workings.

The root will arrive wrapped in red cloth along with a small booklet detailing some of its mythos, a ritual for calling to its spirit, a compendium of offerings and how to give them, and a few tips for working with this wonderful fetiche. 

The root itself measures 7 inches long without taking in the length of the curved tail. 

*Toad and Snake Skin not included

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