Himeros Fixed Candle

Himeros Fixed Candle

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The Himeros fixed candle is for men who seek men. The Himeros fixed candle can be worked for men to gain the touch and affection of other men. Created through spirit and appeal to Himeros, he who rules over sexual desire, this candle is softly seductive in its conquest to enflame passion, ecstasy, and when desired, love. 

This candle is very intense compared to the other candles offered for this type of work as it is not only a candle, it is a potent talisman and spirit in and of itself. 

The Himeros fixed candle is a river of desire that when partaken of, intoxicates those around it with primal urge. It entices one to indulge and can be described as the seducer of seducers. This candle can be used to draw in many or a single person, it dominates, it seduces, and if left unchecked and used irresponsibly can cause an unhealthy obsession. Used in an already existing relationship it enhances and enflames passions

Instructions for the use of this candle are provided upon purchase.

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