Fruits Of Jupiter Incense

Fruits Of Jupiter Incense

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On June 12 Jupiter was at its closest point to earth. I chose this auspicious time to work with Jupiter in his hour to craft this incense under his dominion. Used to bring wealth, prosperity, good health, good social standing, popularity, and peace of mind. This can be used as an access point directly to the energies of this astrological election without having it play out in the heavens. This incense is a proper offering to Jupiter which can be used alone or in conjunction with our other Fruits Of Jupiter products which make a beautiful addition to Jupiter altars, however, an altar to Jupiter is not necessary to reap the fruits of these items. 

Some of its contents include:

Saffron - Frankincense - Juniper - Sage - Cedar - Nutmeg - Orange - Apple - Each of which was infused with the energy of Emerald - Citrine - Amethyst


1 fl oz 



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