Divine Lovers Fixed Candle

Divine Lovers Fixed Candle

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The Divine Lovers candle is a special creation, near and dear to my heart, that will draw in a new love to you or strengthen an already existing relationship. This candle will facilitate a relationship built on union and trust and create a sweet and happy atmosphere. 

This candle will also aid in the opening of the heart to move past emotional traumas and blockages so that you are ready to receive love and you and your lover are ready to grow together and build the life that you desire. Some of this complex candles ingredients are Copper - Genuine Gold - Genuine Silver - Frankincense - Rose - Rose of Jericho - Tobacco - Orris Root - Lavendar - Lotus - and much more.

All candles are hand poured Palm wax and larger than the average 7 day fixed candle. All candles are  empowered in ritual setting.

All candles arrive with detailed instructions on how to work with them.


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