Braziers of Antares
Braziers of Antares
Braziers of Antares
Braziers of Antares

Braziers of Antares

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Each brazier arrives with a bottle of Antares Oil.

For those who need to soothe the angers of person or spirit; those who utilize incense in offering to spirits; those with devotional practices with angry or fiery gods, or more conversely, those seeking to commune with such deities, the Braziers of Antares serve two functions: To enchant what is burned and turned to smoke in offering to spirits to be more pleasing, to lament and eat away at any anger or ill will directed at a particular person by the spirit being offered to, be it worker or client - to soothe the recipient of the smoke, and secondly, to soothe the flames of angry gods when those are the gods with which one is communing.  The Braziers of Antares are elaborated upon further in their listing here.

While these braziers are more geared toward specific ends, they can be utilized to hold incense or oil lamps in offering to any spirit and it will make the offering more soothing and enjoyable to the spirit receiving the offering. With the braziers functioning in this way, they can also be used in offering to spirits that oneself or one's clients have offended in entreaties to them to remedy their offense. 

The clay utilized for each brazier was kneaded with my personal Antares Powder among other ingredients brought to ash. Braziers 1 and 2 are a heavier clay while brazier 3 is a lighter and more detailed piece. Each Brazier also contains Mullein that was harvested by myself during a day featuring Antares in a well aspected place while singing to our star, alongside a whole meteorite in each piece, snake bone and skin, and Amber among much else. Braziers 1 and 2 are both set with an ensouled Sardonyx stone that sits over the appropriate herbal and mineral powders formed into the clay. The Glyph of Antares is also carved into the bottom of each of these. Brazier 3 contains all of the above formed into its clay, in whose heart also sits a beating heart not present in B1&2 - it offers a heavier presence of indwelling spirit. 

Brazier 1 is geared towards being a vessel for incense and small burnt offerings such as seals and written petitions. It could also be a very functional Oil lamp. B1 measures in at roughly 4 inches across and 5 inches tall.

Brazier 2 is designed for being an oil lamp wholly, though it could be used as a vessel for incense and burnt offerings the same and Brazier 1. B2 measures in at roughly 4 inches wide and 6 inches long.

Brazier 3 stands at roughly 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. The eyes of this lady are pale white moonstone.

A PDF of instructions is provided for the Antares oil as well as for each Brazier of Antares that contains:

❖ Lamenting Mother; Brazier Burning Bright: A writeup on the path of Antares as Lamenting Mother and general working suggestions for the braziers.

Light in the Night; A Ruby falls from the Stinger: rite whereby you may create an oil lamp in order to call in the spirits of Antares. This working has overlays, and optional instructions, in working this lamp into the final rite given for the Antares Oil titled Mother in the Mirror; Stinger in the Back: A rite whereby the witch may meet with spirits under the light of Antares for the forging of pacts through the use of a series of tools lined out and created in the rite.

Sweet Smoke; Singing Woe-man: A writeup on how to make offerings of oil and flame, incense, or things burnt to ash in the Braziers of Antares to a given spirit or deity to soothe their wrath and anger - to bring them into a state of being more pleased.

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