Blood of the Lion Fetiche
Blood of the Lion Fetiche
Blood of the Lion Fetiche

Blood of the Lion Fetiche

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An iridescent serpent, here called Blood of the Lion, bears the light and weight of Regulus. His heart was built during the initial Regulus election and further worked on six occasions where Regulus was in the desired placement, Blood of the Lion is for the contact between the worker and the star of its namesake and all workings needing of the virtues of the Heart of the Lion. The Blood of the Lion is for those who wish to know Regulus more deeply in an exploration of its mysteries and for those who would see benefit from working in its light.

This serpent, beyond his given capabilities in offering communication and communion with Regulus, offers the worker who would strike a pact with him the potentials of his might in works tailored to: the dispelling of melancholy; the promotion of happiness; the soothing of anger both within yourself and others; works geared towards being well-liked and regarded highly in reputation; the promotion of victory and triumph when sought in pure spirit; the manipulation of pride and ego; being placed in a position of authority through recognition and promotion; the promotion of self-respect, esteem, and confidence; among much else left to the mind and contact-informed modes of working found within each worker.

Sitting upon a wood base that was soaked with appropriate hydrosols and tinctures, followed by a red stain, this serpent stands at 10.5 inches tall. He is crowned in Red Coral and a removable Carnelian that is utilized in working with him. Alongside the coral, several depressions between the scales are filled with a personal Regulus powder that was sealed in place. In his body are nestled his Garnet heart, Meteorite, Moldavite, Black Locust thorns, Celandine, Cinnamon, Life Everlasting, Mastic gum, Wormwood, 24-karat Gold, the powdered flesh and bones of serpents, the appropriate species of feline fur , and a blend of 7 soils among countless other plants, stones, minerals, and bones. His eyes are Garnet and his body is painted in an iridescent black and sealed. The multicolored iridescence does not photograph well, as most details of the body cannot be seen in the photos above.

Alongside the serpent, a large palm-sized garnet that was worked alongside several other stones will be provided along with instructions and suggestions for their use. A ritual for pacting with this spirit and a seal for calling, feeding, and working with and sending out the spirit, alongside a list of preferred offerings and other suggestions for placement and keeping will be provided. A name and other seals may be given in time, given that a relationship is built. The removable carnelian plays an important role in several of the provided workings, be it placed in water, oil, place, or on a person.

It should be noted that this Serpent requires a pact to be made with him, which will entail at minimum a monthly feeding. In part of the pact that birthed the creation of this fetiche, a safeguard was created whereby the pact between Serpent and Worker may be released if needed - this is ideally last resort.

A 1 fl oz bottle of Regulus Oil and a spirit-specific powder will be provided with this serpent.

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