Venus Rising in Pisces Oil : Benevolence of the Sibyl

Venus Rising in Pisces Oil : Benevolence of the Sibyl

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Light, dancing light,
A Queendom comes, with Joyous Hosts
Bearing coral glow like the life from a
Lover, the milk from a
Mother, the soaring glory of
Souls winged in glittering Grace
Gone silent
in throbbing hum, singing the song
of Love

Cradled in an egg gifted by one Well Known, seeded with the living water of two Dreamers in the Fairy-Land of Eden, cradled in the green glistening boughs of nature’s saints - the benevolence of the sibyl dips her beak from out her breast to give succor to her new beloveds.

Spurred by memories of distant wings, crowned with new insight, birthed in loving communion, this oil is a conscious, living meditation upon the graces found in the election Venus Rising in Pisces.

Bringing his knowledge of working in stranger ways with this election, and long experience of building living oils, pregnant with receptive spirits, Troy Chambers (previously of Wolf & Goat), joins his techniques to Haus of Ophidious in a collaborative first with ‘Venus Rising in Pisces Oil: Benevolence of the Sibyl.’

This oil:
✥ Grants favor and benevolence ✥ Allows one to receive good ✥ Allows one to be liked by all ✥ Special emphasis on magical practitioners in the business of the occult, having to deal with strangers ✥ Brings clarity to divination ✥ Expediates insight into productive resolutions to difficult problems ✥ To engage with more earthly spirits in line with the spirit of the election, and familiar work with them 

A gracious boon to all, this oil show its most glorious sides to those who work to spread enchantment to the world, those who help to seek others uncover and better themselves, and those ephemeral souls that dance with the lights at the edges of fields.

Riding in on the scent of Life Everlasting, this oil will come with instructions written and received by Troy Chambers.

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