Aldebaran Talismans

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A first of its kind for Haus of Ophidious, these pure silver and garnet talismans were created in collaboration with Shandi of The Witch Art of AZK. Crafted of pure genuine silver and garnet with Milky thistle burned over the heated silver, these Aldebaran talismans are powerhouses for all virtues of Aldebaran and offer extreme wealth generation and acquisition, success and glory, domineering strength and will, victory, sovereignty, and luxury to those few who would employ and work with them. 

Only three of these talismans are being offered publicly. Two talismans are being offered with a regular clasp chain as seen in the photo and one is being offered with 4 ruby beads consecrated during the Aldebaran election added to the chain. 

Each Talisman arrives in a red velvet box with a bottle of Aldebaran oil.


Instructions for usage are provided with each order. 

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