Aldebaran Candles

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Aldebaran Main Employment:
  • Wealth building
  • Life-Kingdom Building
  • Success - Fame - Glory
  • Domination
  • Smooth Talking
  • Iron Will
  • Brute Force
  • Victory
  • Sovereignty
  • Luxury

Aldebaran materia and virgin beeswax came together to form 4 different Aldebaran Candles that can be employed for acquisition and accumulation of extreme wealth, success, for those of you who want to be sovereign over your own Life-Kingdom and build your world as you see fit. It imparts one the iron will and domineering power to attain ones desires and forge a life of your own without limitations. Aldebaran knows no limits in gaining material resources and offering extreme fortune to those who would work with it.

These candles are offered in a 3oz size, a 8 oz size, and two hyper large 9.5 inch tall x 3 inch sizes. The Large candle comes as a basic Aldebaran candle and the Large with rubies has the seal of Aldebaran carved into it with each circle in the seal containing a genuine ruby with the candle also being guilded in genuine gold and silver leaf. 

These candles are offered in an extremely limited batch that will never be restocked once sold out. 


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