A Charm of Power

A Charm of Power

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*These are the ONLY 4 charms of this nature that will ever be offered. These will never be remade. 

Pulling from the same vein of power that created our Nameless Oil, known also as Oil of Power, the charm bundles are seated within genuine leather dyed red, bearing each a large stone that captured the same lifeblood that exists within the Oil of the same name. One of these stones exists within the mother bottle of the oil. 

The stone within each charm bag is sealed to the bottom of the bag through a mixture of resins that have been mixed with several powders that will go unnamed, an unborn snake reduced to ash, Haus of Ophidious' Mastery powder and powders of amplification. There exists enough room inside of each bag for various materia to be placed by the user to amplify any given working - there exists also the potential for the bag to be carried when a boost in general power and potency is needed, or the bag may be given to a spirit that you have tasked with a working. Giving this bag to a spirit you hold a relationship with will open several avenues of working that will be specific to you and that spirit.

A charm of hidden potential - an all-powering battery of the mother made witch -  that acts as a potent battery and amplifying force to any work for any means. A breath of empowerment on bloodied wings, shrouded from the light. Alongside being a potent powerhouse of energy, this charm of power holds agency and power in stellar and earthly magic.

These charms were created during the appropriately auspicious times and hold true to Haus of Ophidious’ standards for quality made materia, however, no information on its creation will be provided publicly. A short excerpt on its creation and methods of usage will be distributed privately among those few who find themselves lucky enough to bear such a charm.

Each charm bears a snake vertebrae that has been dressed and worked in our Nameless Oil/Oil of Power that can be moved to seal the bag.

This charm is being released with the established practitioner in mind. 

Each charm bag will arrive in a wooden keepsake box and printed instructions and suggestions for utilization.



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