Oil of the Son of Jupiter Instructions

They made also another Image of Jupiter for a religious and glorious life, and advancement of fortune; whose figure was a man having the head of a Lion or of a Ram, and Eagles feet, clothed in Saffron colored clothes, and he was called the son of Jupiter.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, ch. 39.


A silken cloth of Emerald Green marked in images, glyphs, and seals of Jupiter, Human Bone, Peacock bone, Avian feet, Ram horn, Lapis Lazuli, Lightning struck maple wood from a tree with new growth, Haus of Ophidious’ Mastery and Success powders, and several other ingredients brought together and enlivened by the virtuous spark of Jupiter, sealed and crowned with a { appropriate feline species } vertebra, a piece of Lapis Lazuli, and a crowning Emerald seated within the hollow of the bone. This charm, now alive and heavy with the spirit known as The Son of Jupiter, was built through a conglomeration of human and animal dead brought together atop appropriate seals and glyphs of Jupiter in the proper days and hours, given further direction through the addition of several plants and minerals. In addition to the charm bundle that sits within the oil, the oil also houses a plethora of other powders swirling and teeming with potential. Some powders further strengthen the presence of Jupiter, containing materia such as Frankincense, Fennel, Sage, Saffron, and Storax. other powders that swim within this oil work to attract, to grab, to glamour, and to captivate through powders finding allies in Agarwood, Rose, Life Everlasting, Mullein, Wormwood, Amber, Musk, Fulgurite, and over 100 other ingredients in total added to the Master Bottle over a 14 day period.

The Oil of The Son of Jupiter can aid with:

• The advancement of Fortune, Favor, and Luck

• The attraction and strengthening of financial gain

• The installation of virtues of abundant growth into person, place, or object

• The enhancement and strengthening of the religious and spiritual nature of one’s life

• The blossoming of inspiration; the attraction of muses; to be influenced in artistic expression

• The attraction of attention and gain through public networking


The Oil of The Son of Jupiter may be kept within, although it would be preferable to keep this oil on a shrine to Jupiter or enshrine the bottle itself on a surface that has been fitted with cloths or painted in the colors of Saffron, Royal Blue, and Emerald Green, along with beeswax candles either 2, 4, or 16 in number. This is where you will work the spirit of the oil and offer to it. If a permanent shrine is not erected, a temporary one should be built when making offerings and larger petitions to the spirit of the oil. The provided powder is a supplement to The Son of Jupiter. it does not contain the spirit of the oil itself, rather acting to feed and empower the menstruum. Portions of the powder can be sat before the open bottle in a working relationship with the spirit, with taglocks, ashes of business cards, or other materia magica mixed into the powder after being presented to and worked by the spirit.

The powder can be blown to the winds or dusted across surfaces within a place of business. The ways in which this powder can be worked are endless. When only enough powder for one use remains, it can be mixed with powdered frankincense, storax bark, pine resin, and four drops of the oil to replenish your store, although it will not be quite the same. In time, this powder may develop and grow with new ingredients added as directed by the spirit of the oil.


These are but suggestions of usage, aside from enshrining the oil, that should be taken into account and further built upon through a working relationship with the oil.

For the advancement of Fortune, Favor, and Luck Beeswax candles, either 4 or 16 in number - depending upon the desired depth of propitiation - should be marked in the oil and coated in the provided powder. Only a small amount of powder on each candle is needed. These are lit before the open bottle of oil, with a glass of gin - preferably Bombay Sapphire - and a glass of water left before the bottle as an offering to the Son of Jupiter. Frankincense or Storax should perfume the air. From here, you may speak to him, tell him what you desire, and task him with accumulating wealth, advancing fortune, and favor in the ways that would benefit you specifically. Anytime an uptick in anything the spirit is tasked with is noticed, the above layout of offerings should be performed with the addition of other offerings discovered through a working relationship with the spirit if one is present.

Aside from this preferred method of working, the oil may also be marked upon the body, place of business, business cards, etc. to attract money, favor, benevolence, and good fortune. Marking the oil onto bills before being deposited into an account will see the growth and flourishing of that account. To see the installation of the virtues of Jupiter in person, place, or thing the oil needs simply be marked with the ring finger of the right hand onto any surface, preferably after a deliberate conversation with the spirit of the oil on how it should effect each place of marking. While understandably not always possible, the marking of the oil on a surface can be further strengthened by fumigating the marked space in Frankincense and dusting the oil mark in the provided powder, massaging it into the surface while whispering your desired effects over the surface. As with working the oil to attract muses as detailed below, the effects of marking the oil on a person, place, or thing and the effects given by such action generally lasts for around 4 hours. Utilizing this method to mark below dinner tables will bring a joyous and jovial nature to the dinner, party, or event. Similar methods may be employed on the undersides of tables bearing products and merchandise or in the showcasing of one's art.

For the enhancement and strengthening of the religious and spiritual nature of one’s life - This potential nature of the oil will be left at its mention - allowing one to muse and find meaning in such a statement and promise in the propitiated presence of the spirit of the oil.

To be inspired, to attract muses, to be influenced in artistic expression is something that can be experienced simply by being in close proximity to the bottle, although it can be made more intense and intentional when the body is marked on the palms of the hands and the temples with a request made to the spirit of the oil to act in the way that you need it to. The oil can also be marked in this manner in other places on the body in addition to those mentioned above where one’s artistic expressions may manifest. In my experience, the onset post-marking is generally started or accompanied by being first enveloped in the lapis clouds of storax scent, followed by perceptional changes and an enhancement of mood. When working the oil in this way it has proven its ability to push through and remove or quiet soured moods or creative blockages. I have previously accompanied this marking of the body with a blowing of the provided powder into the four directions with my breath carrying the desire of attraction of muses to much success. The effects of the oil when worked this way generally last for around 4 hours.

Additional suggestions and musings of usage include marking the oil on Oak or Maple wood, ideally collected on a Thursday during the first hour of Jupiter of the day, and using these branches of wood as kindling for ritual fires drawing on the aid of the Son of Jupiter. Bundles of wood may be made and stored for later use, having been properly collected and marked with the oil. Additionally, a few drops of the oil may be added to an oil lamp allied to workings of a Jupiterian nature. An oil lamp of this nature could be kept upon the shrine that is maintained for the spirit and replenished when needed during Jupiter days and hours. New methods of working may - and should - be developed through a relationship with the oil and its spirit.

When the spirit has successfully come through on a task or petition he should be offered to in the manner detailed above. It is not advisable to not follow through on your end with payments promised after a task is completed. This spirit is beneficent and seeks to help, but forget not the presence of animals of a predatory nature within the spirit's charm bundle. The potential for this sort of nature should be kept in mind, adding further to the ideas in which the spirit may be sent out and worked in the world.

The Oil of The Son of Jupiter is an all-radiating point of Jupiters' myriad virtues and as such can be worked to bring in any needed current of a Jovial nature. With this oil, I encourage jovial experimentation with methods of working and ways in which the spirit may be propitiated. The spirit of this oil seeks wholly to help and to be beneficient to those who would have his help and will take well to new methods of enjoyment. While he is of well-natured virtue, forget not that he possesses the bones of those who would happily slaughter to eat and to feast, and as such are his capabilities.