Venus in Libra Talismans

Venus in Libra Talismans

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Each talisman comes with a 1oz bottle of Venus in Libra oil. 

Venus in Libra Main Employment:

  • Love drawing
  • Attraction
  • Pleasure
  • Relaxation
  • Glamour
  • Gaining attention
  • Promoting Joy 

Created in collaboration with Shandi Bouscatier. Fine silver cast in the shape of the glyph of Venus set with a .34 carat Emerald empowered during the September 2nd, 2021 Venus in Libra election. These talismans are a potent manifestation of Venus in Libra acting as an access point to her and her energies. 

Detailed talisman specific instructions are provided to "activate" the talisman to yourself. 

They act as potent attractors of new and current lovers, as well as attractors of money when one works for tips, commissions, freelance, or in any other area where your income is unregulated. A powerhouse of a glamour when one needs to be seen, recognized, and heard. 

Only 3 of these are being offered publicly and will never be created again. Each talisman arrives in a large leather pendant case which has been engraved with gold edge detail. 

Detailed instructions are provided with every order.


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