Spica Powder

Spica Powder

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Spica Main Employment:

  • Wealth Building
  • Accumulate riches
  • Propserity (Let us remember that prosperity isn't always about money - you can be prosperous in friends, joy, health, peace, and love)
  • Bring an end to arguments and disputes
  • Removal of Scarcity

* These are but a few of the matters in which Spica can lend its virtues, the possibilities are endless.

The powder of Spica is built upon a base of Emerald, European Mandrake, Trifoil, Mugwort, Periwinkle. On top of this, other herbs and materia to fortify the virtues of Spica such as genuine Gold, Saffron, Wheat, Deers tongue, and Dill, among a mass host of other ingredients were added. 

This powder can be worked with in all matters related to the virtues of the star but is unmatched when lending its aid in attracting money, accumulating wealth, fortune, building prosperity, and ending arguments and disagreements. 

The powder of Spica can be used to draw seals and sigils related to the star, used to work the virtues of the star, used to delineate a space of working, etc.

In his three books of occult philosophy, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa says "Under the Spike [Spica] they made the image of a bird, or a man laden with merchandise; it conferreth riches, and maketh one overcome contentions, it taketh away scarcity and mischief." .

1 fl oz glass bottle

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