Spica Bath Soak

Spica Bath Soak

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Spica Main Employment:

  • Wealth Building
  • Accumulate riches
  • Propserity (Let us remember that prosperity isn't always about money - you can be prosperous in friends, joy, health, peace, and love)
  • Bring an end to arguments and disputes
  • Removal of Scarcity

* These are but a few of the matters in which Spica can lend its virtues, the possibilities are endless.

French green clay and Dead Sea salts fumigated and mixed during the Spica election, then combined with nourishing Apricot Kernel seed oil and Jojoba oil along with other oils of spica, and topped with genuine Gold that is mixed into the salts. 

The ritual bath salts smell of luxurious galbanum and fig. When added to a bath it offers physical hydration as well as being a potent attractor money, wealth, and prosperity to a greater degree, along with bringing a peaceful wash of energy over the self. The Spica bath salts pair well with the matching Body Oil and Hydrosol.

16 fl oz jar

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