Haus of Ophidious oils are alive with spirit, liquid ecosystems, each ingredient: a plant harvested on a particular day while a virtuous emotion coursed through the body, animal skins and mumia, specific timing, dirts properly paid for, ashes, precious stones and the spit of vipers are each meticulously incorporated and seated in oil as parts of a larger whole to act as the body and vehicle through which rides spirit, form, and purpose. The recipes for all Haus of Ophidious oils are received, created, or augmented in consort with spirit, some being rooted in folklore and history with others being entirely new innovations and explorations of self, born from need or impulse.

In an effort of transparency, all of the ingredients in Haus of Ophidious oils are ethically and legally sourced and whenever possible they are gathered by my hands with proper payment given where it is due. Many oils are limited in their quantity as they are not repeatable due to pact or circumstance, oftentimes containing precious stones and rare dirts or mumia, and created in meticulously planned ritual; let this lend insight into the standards and ethics upheld by Haus of Ophidious which is reflected in all-colored light by the potency of our oils. Haus of Ophidious strives ever forward on this path that will always reach into the historic past, at the crossed roads of what has been, what is, and what can be in an ever-present exploration of Witchcraft and Magic as seen through Serpent eyes.


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