Mars in Aries Powder

Mars in Aries Powder

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The Mars in Aries collection was created the night of June 27th when Mars entered the sign of Aries.

Mars in Aries hits the ground sprinting. The mars in Aries collection is a very “take action” set of items. The spirit backing this collection is bloodthirsty and ready for war. This is THE collection for protection of yourself, of others, and of your home and places that need protection. This collection is fiery and combustible.  Not only is this collection workable for protection, but it also works well in the domination and destruction of those who would stand against you and see you fail. 

Composed partly of:

High John Root - Ginger - Cinnamon - Mullein - Beeswax - Iron Powder  - Garnet

A notable addition of iron from a civil war battle forge was added to all Mars in Aries items. 

This spirit stands ready to guard and defend those who would employ its fiery might and destroy those who would work against them and see them fall.

With these items also comes extreme sexual potency and use will be found therein to enflame sexual desire.

This powder can be employed as a boundary around the home to protect it as well as the people who inhabit it from those who would work against them. This powder can also be used in sympathetic work as a force of domination and destruction. This powder is especially enjoyable to work with in works of domination and protection.

Each powder comes with detailed instructions for use.

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