Road Opener Fixed Candle

Road Opener Fixed Candle

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The Road Opener candle is the outcome of a pact made at the intercessory crossroads to ensure that the roads to money, love, success, and anything else you desire are open and clear of any obstacles. 

Built Partially of Genuine Gold - Genuine Silver - Abre Camino - Tobbaco - Vetivert - and many other spirits.

The Road Opener candle is employed to make sure the path ahead is smooth and always clear. It can be worked with to aid in the reaching of a goal without hitting any blockages along the way. This candle can also be worked before one goes traveling to ensure that the road ahead is safe. The Road Opener candle can be used to increase the flow of inspiration and creativity. This candle makes the road ahead a smooth one for any situation.


All candles are hand poured Palm wax and larger than the average 7 day fixed candle. All candles are  empowered in ritual setting.

All candles arrive with detailed instructions on how to work with them.


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