Uncrossing Fixed Candle

Uncrossing Fixed Candle

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The Uncrossing candle is a potent force of cleansing. This candle is employed to uncross, remove low vibrational and malefic spirits and energy, remove stagnation, and any and all witchcraft done against you. This candle has been crafted with roots, plants, minerals, and powders that are historically associated with spiritual cleansing and the removal of negative energy and low vibrations such as Rue, Frankincense, Agrimony, Tobacco, Rompe Camisa, Lemongrass, and Snake Skin among a large host of others. 

All candles are hand poured Palm wax and larger than the average 7 day fixed candle. All candles are  empowered in ritual setting.

All candles arrive with detailed instructions on how to work with them.

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