Aldebaran II Candles
Aldebaran II Candles
Aldebaran II Candles

Aldebaran II Candles

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Star fire from vaulted stellar roofing, enticed and dripped downwards and upwards, and solidified into a blend of wax made specifically in Haus, containing local beeswax, organic soy and coconut waxes, and organic coconut oils, all properly blended in ritual to be receptive to the fiery lifeblood wrought forth from the stars. 

The wax, having been molded into bricks pre-election, was inscribed with glyphs and supplications of Aldebaran and embedded with garnets, melted down and mixed with Eco-friendly red dye, and poured over a blend of 2 Aldebaran powders, one being in my own private stocks of materia, surrounding a crackling wood wick which was further surrounded with leaflets of genuine gold, and 4 ritually consecrated - keepsake - rubies (that can be added to Aldebaran talismans and star-vessels.

The Aldebaran II Candles can be worked as supplicatory offering to and of Aldebaran and its spirits, while also being a beacon quite able to call on the same spirits to offer a medium through which a pact may be seized and birthed into the world to effect Otherly change both internal or external or to an end such as to grasp that which is desired, whether it be money or riches, to reach an end-goal, to have the ability to persevere and see oneself through hardship and hard-times, to give one the ability to - in abrasive terms - be ruthless in having the heart and steel hand in a velvet glove to claim, grasp, and *take* all that one desires.

These candles also offer empowerment and solidification to Aldebaran devotionals and can be lit when prayer is given or when the aid of the spirits herein contained is sought.

Only 9 of these candles are being offered to the public.

Each candle contains approximately 9 ounces of wax and is housed within a tapered heavy base glass.

Instructions will be provided with every order.

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