Venus in Libra


On September 2nd, 2021 at 10:29am, Venus provided an immeasurably suitable election for the creation of this collection. Fine Apricot seed oil acting not only as a base but a womb of sorts containing genuine emeralds, copper, rose quartz, cowrie shells, roses, honey, royal jelly, Mugwort, Vanilla bean from Madagascar, mother wort, and much more. 


Venus in Libra is temperate, outgoing, and strong. 



This collection is suitable for a myriad of works including but not limited to all matters relating to love, especially in seeking new relationships, socialites as well as those who have social anxiety, winning social graces and popularity which rings especially apt for artists and creators, gaining attention, and promoting joy, pleasure, and indulgence.


Venus in Libra is especially potent when it comes to attracting new lovers whether they be of a romantic nature or more physically focused. Pleasure abounds with Venus in Libra. This can also prove useful in igniting passions between existing lovers and strengthening bonds.


This particular Venus in Libra collection, due to Venus being well placed with Jupiter, lends a “money drawing” quality which proves highly beneficial for those who work for tips, entrepreneurs both established and new, commission workers, sugar-babies, and those who don’t have an overly regulated flow of money coming in. 


Venus in Libra is useful when one needs to “let go” and enjoy things. This will be extremely beneficial to those who feel the need to always be in control (calling out myself here), those who have a hard time unwinding after long days at work, and for those who have a general hard time enjoying life without focusing on everything that could possibly go wrong. This collection is joyous and slow, allowing time to truly *stop and smell the roses*. 


I have found that a simple application of this collection promotes and emanates self love and healing from social traumas. If you have social anxiety this is the collection for you as it reduces perceived pressure of social situations and allows us to be more outgoing, fun, and joyous while worrying less. 


In my first few tests of this collection I was receiving money from random people for the simplest of acts (not payment worthy), I was much more social than my mind usually permits, I had more romantic interests come forwards, food and drinks tasted better, sweeter, and life was all around more enjoyed. All around Venusian effects were more noticeable and tangible. 

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  • Gary Noriyuki

    Love your previous work, so ready to work with this collection!

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