How to make a Flying Ointment

Im often asked about the process for the creation of a Flying Ointment. The process is precise and dependent upon attention to detail. All of my flying ointments are crafted within a ritual setting with prayer and offering given to the plants that are being used. 

I will take you through the process of creating my Henbane Flying Ointment. 

I use sunflower oil as a base, however, a more traditional approach would be animal fat as it allows the alkaloids to enter the body much faster. I wouldn't suggest this method unless you want to go around smelling like a freshly cooked piece of bacon or duck. 

I start by gathering the henbane leaves and measuring out the exact quantity needed for the size of the batch I am creating. The henbane is then offered prayers and given thanks with either tobacco smoke or a ritual offering blend that I create. 


The henbane is then finely powdered and mixed in with the base oil. This oil which is within a jar, depending on the batch size, is either placed in a crock pot or the oven at temperature just below boiling. This is allowed to sit for 7 hours while stirring every 30 minutes to ensure a thorough mixture. 



Once the oil has completed its cycle in the heat I strain the mixture into a separate jar or measuring cup using a very fine filter. I find that a coffee filter works best as it allows minimal plant material to end up in the oil. This can take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours to complete depending on batch size as the filter is so fine. 


Once I have the oil separated I use a measuring cup to see how much oil I have and then I measure out the appropriate amount of beeswax to solidify the oil to a creamy and buttery state. Sometimes I will add a preserving agent such as vitamin E oil, rosemary oil, or lavender oil. If I am adding one of these I will add it in now. Then, I add in the weighed beeswax and pop it back into the oven or crock pot until the wax has fully melted. Once the wax has fully melted I stir the mixture to ensure even distribution of melted wax and pour the oil into sterile tins or jars. The jars are then left to cool and solidify before labels are added. 



All ointments are crafted in small batches to ensure proper freshness when purchased. 


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