Fixed Star Sirius


Sirius, one of the 15 fixed Behenian stars, mentioned by Cornelius Agrippa in Three books of Occult Philosophy, is located in the constellation Canis major. Each of the 15 Behenii stars are assigned certain stones, minerals, plants, and animals that can be used to create talismanic materia of the respective star which are also referenced by Agrippa. Sirius is given the stone Golden Beryl (Heliodor), the plants Savine juniper, Mugwort, Dragons wort (Tarragon), Bistort, and Sage ( I used Salvia officinalis), and under Animalia it is given the tongue of the snake. All of these are present in this collection with further materia added to fortify the virtues of Sirius. In further depth, each fixed star is of the virtues of two planets, Sirius being of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Mars for the burning heat and fiery qualities it causes as well as its dryness. Jupiter on account of the heliacal rising of Sirius marking the flooding of the Nile and the growth and flourishing of the land. 


Some of the materia added to fortify the virtues of Sirius include copious amounts of Saffron, ritually harvested Cedar, Orange, Vetiver, Bay Leaf, Frankincense, Amber, 24 Karat Gold, amongst a host of other ingredients for the ambitious pursuit and attainment of wealth, Infighting fiery spirits, promoting a strong will and “live now” attitude, for improving ones reputation and how you are perceived, granting favor and luck, bringing jobs and promotions, and bringing peace to arguments and disputes. 


Sirius is hot and fiery, it lights a metaphorical fire under us to get to work and get the job done. It is a great spirit to work with to promote the ambitious pursuit of wealth and the attainment of it, an invaluable aid when one needs to be perceived as the perfect fit for a job or promotion, as well as proving itself quite helpful in making sure our reputations are perceived in a good light. 


Sirius is great to work with when there are arguments or disputes that need to be settled and an agreement reached. 


Working with Sirius ensures that luck and favor will be yours. 


Sirius is warming. Nurturing. Given its influence from Jupiter it is fantastic to work with for anything related to ambition, wealth, and success. Its influence from mars brings the proverbial fire that is needed to maintain a forward motion in our pursuits and ambitions. 


All order come with detailed instructions for working each item in the Sirius collection. 

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