Devotion and The Fall of Man

Five years ago, in the winter, I came across a woman. While her practice was unknown to me in specifics, she was undoubtedly devout. I befriended her and she led me to what we know as the Primal Craft system of working. I became infatuated with these currents. I had no money at the time and the books were sold out so I acquired the pdf versions of the three trident books. I worked the system in my own way for quite some time. Not fully understanding the system of its ways of working. I had learned that the crow was sacred to Lucifer through this woman who I will leave unnamed. I mentioned wanting to acquire ones skull through hunting as there are many hunters in my family and we owned much land where the crows would flock to. I mentioned this to the woman and she said to me that killing the crow should only be done in sacrificial rites performed by the hand of the witch… not a gun. This deterred me from my desire to kill the crow and made me think upon many things. Later that day I went to observe the crows in the forest on my land. We had previously set out traps for some feral animals in the area and I noticed a vulture trapped in one. I set it free and it flew away with perfect ability. I told this story to my new friend, the woman, she told me that vultures too are sacred to Lucifer. She told me that this was a test from the gods. Soon after the woman disappeared which I later found out was for her personal spiritual growth as she endured much. Throughout the next two years or so I had on and off workings with the primal craft system. I felt as though I was not yet ready to work the system so I built my experiences in other areas. It was in the winter of 2016 that I had rediscovered Primal Craft. I purchased most of the books detailing the current and built my collection  with the desire to work them. I was on social media one night during that winter where I rediscovered this woman on her new profile. We reconnected and I found myself feeling all that she inspired within me those many years ago. I had the privilege of rekindling an old friendship with this woman who I barely knew yet did so much for me. We became friends over the next couple years where I learned more about her, her trials, her successes, and I was able to witness her beautiful flourishing growth on her path. In February of 2017 I dedicated myself to Hecate following the dedication ritual in the first book of Primal Craft “Queen of Hell”. I was fiercely devoted to her. My devotion to her was obsessive to say the least. It filed my waking, sleeping, and dreaming states. I worked the current daily. I even set out to move boulders in the forest on my land. Some taking more than myself to move as they weighed easily 2000 lbs. I created a large circle standing roughly 20ft in diameter. A stone temple with a center stone table. The circle surrounded by trees with shades of bone surrounding it. Hundreds of bones hang from the trees. The stones were carved and painted with seals. This is where I performed most of my work. Every day. This current was my saving. It was my salvation. It was the flame inside of my soul. It gave me strength. It gave me faith. I was devoted to this current for the better part of a year and a half before I began to see things. Things that changed the way I viewed the current. Over the course of the devotion I had been in direct contact with the author of the primal craft books. He gave me guidance for quite sometime and then slowly he became hostile with me. He wouldn’t help me. All I would get in response to my questions were short answers with the undercurrents of rudeness and hostility. I was afraid at first to talk about these things. After forcing myself to talk about these things I discovered he became hostile with so many people including two of my other friends. I fell apart. I didn’t know what to do. The work I had began doing had started to make me guilty. It made me feel dirty and unclean and as if there was a weight on me. I began feeling guilty for simple things such as bodily pleasure even though that was something heavily promoted in the books. I also began to notice how in most chapters of these books, specifically the last four that were written, it was always mentioned after every ritual that if you failed the ritual there would be certain soul destruction and eternal damnation which was terrifyingly christian resembling. My devotional practice fell apart. I began to look at my goddess as though she wanted me to feel guilty. As though I had done something wrong. I felt as though I was in the wrong and didn’t dare petition her for anything. I didn’t seek contact with her. I couldn’t look at her art that hung or her statues on the altars. It felt wrong. Many months passed which led me to speak with my friend as even though she left Primal craft she was still spiritually strong. More so than anyone I have ever met. I have never seen such true devotion in anyone else. She offered me words of guidance on rebuilding the ruins around me. So I set out to do so. 
Many revelations were revealed to me. Primal Craft has become more than a devotional practice. It has become a cash cow for its creator. With the selling of vinyl prints, Metal prints “ensouled” with the gateways of gods and spirits, and sigils ensouled by the energy of the particular seal. Let us also realize that the first three books written by the author were never going to be reprinted however years later they were. Primal craft quickly became for many people the thing they were trying to get away from. It was a fear tactic with promises of damnation of the soul if things were not done in pure devotion to hecate and her alone. In summarized words of a good friend of mine - When you work this current you take on and experience the embodiment of what the author perceives darkness to be. You are sucked into their understanding of the path without the choice to find your own understanding. 
Primal Craft is a system of fear tactics, bullying, and gatekeeping. 
It is not holy. It is not pure. It is not devotional. It is a delusional game played out by the author and his obsessions. Too many threats have been made to those who have left this current of work and I will not stand by and let it happen. I know many are slowly starting to see this. I have had friends threatened by both physical and spiritual means for leaving this path and I will not stand by and watch it happen.
My gods are gods of free thought and liberation. They aren’t worried by the little things we do. They are the chess masters. My gods are purifying flame. They are empyrean and infernal. They are terrestrial and stellar. I found my liberation from this current which seeks to control through fear in the fire of my gods. They showed me the way out. For that I am forever grateful and offer my gratitude in devotion. 
This is written only to share my personal views and opinions. Please do not bully, attack, or harass anyone mentioned as these are, again, my own personal views and experiences. This is meant to share my experiences and to encourage you, if you follow the primal craft current, to take a look at what you are really doing. Look at what you are creating in the world and look at what you are creating inside of yourself. 
Nothing is beyond its cycle in this world. 
Hail Hecate
Hail Lucifer
Hail the one true god found in their union
Hail the flame of god
- Jackson Walker

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